Bariloche Mountains - Frey Refugio

Bariloche Mountains - Frey Refugio
Bariloche Mountains - Frey Refugio

NYC skyline

NYC skyline

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reflecton on Steve Jobs

October Check In

Why did I walk a mile down Broadway to place flowers outside an Apple store tonight?  Not sure I can answer this question completely, but, like with the horrible death of John Lennon here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I needed to make a statement.  What is that statement?   Well, it's about someone who told us not to follow the crowd, but follow what is inside each of us.

Disclaimer: my first Apple product was an Apple II plus in 1980.  It revolutionized how my dissertation could be written and printed, even though it was not initially accepted by the Dean at Columbia University because it wasn't type-written.

But, I internalized what Steve Jobs said to us and created a work environment that didn't follow crowds, but created an atmosphere of equality, congeniality and respect for the contributions of each employee.  And to ensure that these contributions were maximized, I developed the environment around Macs to enhance productivity at a time when many were saying that Apple would soon be bankrupt.  But, following my gut and perhaps Steve's vision, the decision paid off in terms of a reduced learning curve, ease of use and productivity.

So, I walked down Broadway tonight to acknowledge the appreciation I feel toward someone who encouraged me to think differently.  TV camera reporters wanted me to explain why I had left flowers, but this inner feeling is not something that can be captured in 10-20 second sound/video bites, so I declined.   Like that horrible night when we walked to Strawberry Fields in disbelief, tonight was a time for reflection.

I'll be writing more about other more mundane issues, like the worm explosion in my vermiculture box, but tonight I am wrapped in my thoughts--like so many on Broadway in their coats, anticipating the chill of autumn.

Monday, May 30, 2011

May/June 2011

Hi,  It's a bit (no, quite a bit) embarrassing to write now--when the last posting was in December 2010.  The only consolation is that very few people are reading the blog! ;-)

The worms went through a tough winter as I was traveled a lot.  But, they're back in strength and the several stories of compost and worms are producing a bumper crop of both soil/poop and baby worms.  Amazing pets....they can stand neglect and still eagerly do their job eating the garbage I give them.  I highly recommend worm composting.

And with the spring, finally time has come to plant flowers outside in my back yard.   So, I jumped in with a passion and with a fair amount of worm compost.  The first flowers were planted about 2 weeks ago and if their color, brilliance and growth are any indication, they love what the worms produce.   Today, I planted a number of new flowers.  There is something about getting hands into the soil that I love.  Not sure where this comes from because even in the small town of my birth/upbringing, I seldom did any gardening.  It was in Pennsylvania when my thumb became somewhat green.   But, now I love it and look forward to the day when I can plant edible things again in Pennsylvania.  Here are some photos from my planting today.  Begonias, impatiens, and many more.